Skema Box Dynacord FX20-PRO Planar 18 inch

 The Dynacord FX20‑PRO is a Planar Waveguide Basshorn, equipped with the high‑power Electro‑Voice EVX 180B 18" transducer. Frequency response is 30Hz — 150Hz (‑10dB) so the crossover frequency to Mid‑Hi cabinets can be chosen strictly application‑oriented between 80Hz and 140Hz.

The cabinet is equipped with an electronic circuit called voice coil tracking protection. This circuit senses the terminal voltage of the transducer and simulates the thermal behaviour of the woofer´s voice coil. In case of potential thermal overload the power applied to the speaker is reduced to a safe level.

Power amps up to 1200W/8Ohms can be used in order to have maximum dynamic range without the danger of thermal overload in non‑controlled situations. The voice coil tracking protection exhibits "soft" switching characteristics, so no annoying clicks or pops are audible. The circuitry automatically resets after the voice coil temperature has reached a safe value. The FX20‑PRO cabinet is made of 15mm birch plywood. All corner joints and braces are grooved and glued. The cabinet has a heavy‑duty structured lacquer surface and a solid‑steel front grille matching the latest Dynacord enclosure design.

The connector panel uses two 4‑pole Speakon connectors (IN/OUT) for a safe connection and easy daisy‑chaining to other cabinets. The pin assignment is 1+/1‑. Pins 2+ and 2‑ are also connected between the respective two Speakon connectors. When using Dynacord power amp racks or system amplifiers, the whole system can be wired with 4‑pole Speakon cables without any danger of accidental wiring mistakes. The cabinet is equipped with eight large rubber feet that allow easy stacking. Six handles and four heavy‑duty castors on the rear side guarantee easy and safe transport.

Dynacord FX20-PRO

Dynacord FX20-PRO