G SUB 218 High Pressure Subwoofer Custom

Subwoofer design by araaudio G SUB 218 Custom.

Skema box g sub 18"

Before we start here’s a bit of background on the ‘G-Sub’. Speakerplans.com is a website run by speaker design guru Rog Mogale (Void Acoustics etc). The site contains free designs of various cabinets which anyone can utilise. The G-Sub is a twin 18″ reflex cabinet designed for high fidelity bass at extreme pressure levels. The drivers of choice were Fane Colossus 18XB which are industry standard 1kW (AES) drivers capable of 35Hz – 1kHz with 99dB (1w/1m) sensitivity.

G SUB 218 Subwoofer plans

G SUB 218 Subwoofer speaker plans

G SUB 218 Subwoofer