Compact Subwoofer design with two 18 inch speakers

Box with a double speakers of 18 inches and up to 1200 Watts, compact subwoofer design with frequency response that goes from 36 Hz to 120 Hz (-6 dB), must be constructed with MDF or NAVAL COMWEIGH of 20 mm thickness at least , fasten on the inner walls acoustic absorbent as the acrylic blanket or glass fibre blanket with 7 cm thick and with a distance of 10 cm high.

PROJECT BASE – This part is 1100 mm x 760 mm.

REAR PANEL – This part is 720 mm x 485 mm.

SIDE PANELS – This part has – 1080 mm x 485 mm

REINFORCEMENT PARTS – these parts have – 485 mm x 110 mm.

CAMERA DIVIDER INTERNAL PANEL – This part is 543 mm x 485 mm.

BAFFLE PANELS – This part has 525 mm x 485 mm and holes for the speaker of 427 mm in diameter.

FRONT PANEL WITH OPENING OF THE TUNING DUCTS – these parts have 485 mm x 130 mm and duct holes with 100 mm diameter.

TOP PANEL – This part is 1100 mm x 760 mm.